Political Action

Local 520 P.A.C.

From our beginning in 1914, members of Local 520 have always understood the significant influence politics has on our lives. Early on, men like David K. Young (Local 520 Business Agent 1917-1919) ran for public office to ensure the voice of our hard working plumbers and steamfitters would be heard at City Hall.

Through the middle of the 20th century our members remained engaged at the ballot box and in local government all over central Pennsylvania.  In May of 1984, under the leadership of Business Manager Gus Hartinger, our membership voted overwhelmingly to establish the Local 520 Committee on Political Education. Twenty five years later under Business Manager Terry Peck, Local 520 C.O.P.E. became the Local 520 Political Action Committee (L.U. 520 P.A.C.) that we know today.

L.U. 520 P.A.C. provides an organized way for Local 520 Members to support state, local or municipal political candidates (regardless of party affiliation), causes, legislation or initiatives that affect their jobs, health care and retirement. 

L.U. 520 P.A.C. helps foster relationships with political candidates by creating a way for Central Pennsylvania’s unionized Plumbers, Pipefitters and HVAC Service Technicians who share a common goal of promoting our trade, fair pay, safe working conditions, good healthcare benefits and a retirement with dignity to have their voices heard within the political system.

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